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Product Reviews
Ron Kapon
December, 2007

Bottle Wise Wine Carrier
BottleWise Duo is the industry's first soft-sided wine travel bag designed to be used two different ways. To keep wine safe during air travel, the TSA-friendly designs features individually padded liquid-tight pouches that protect up to two 750ml bottles, while safeguarding luggage contents in the unlikely event of breakage. For picnics, concerts or other ground travel, Duo's outer shell with shoulder strap gives one an everyday wine carrier. I tested the BottleWise Duo on a recent trip to California. I needed to bring one bottle as a gift and another for my own consumption. Since we are no longer able to transport large quantities of liquids in our carry-on, I packed my BottleWise in my checked luggage. No problem; no breakage. Sold through- www.bottlewise.com The BottleWise Duo, which is what I have, costs $48.95 and comes in black. All bags are Made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Tasters Guild NY, New York City Wine Tasting Events

June, 2003

Spiegelau Vino Grande Decanter, $39.95(regularly $49.95) I have used this Spiegelau at many Tasters Guild events to decant fragile wines. It has the look and feel of that "other" glass company, but at a very reasonable price. Stands 8 inches high and holds 36 oz of wine; imported from Germany.        Item #DC300-001

Tasters Guild NY, New York City Wine Tasting Events

6-Bottle Traveling Wine Luggage, $79.95
I use this when I am moving wine from my house to the Shelburne or Dumont Plaza hotels for a Tasters Guild event. This padded canvas carrier features built-in wheels useful in navigating those steep subway steps. It has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.       Item #WB401-003

Tasters Guild NY, New York City Wine Tasting Events

Leather Wine Cellar and Label Book, $29.95
When you go to your favorite wine shop, do you describe the wine you are looking for as 1- white; 2- tall bottle; 3- picture of a rabbit on the label. If that is you, order this cordovan leather and gold leaf trim, Wine Cellar Book with 128 pages, including 64 pages for tasting notes. There is also a dictionary of terms and a guide to tasting.        Item #BK108-001

Tasters Guild NY, New York City Wine Tasting Events

Cork Bulletin Board, $19.95
The more Tasters Guild events you attend, the more corks you can collect. Each kit includes the solid oak frame, mounting board, and glue. Just add the corks.       Item #CB84-002