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Palace Dream Dessert  
Shrimp Masala  
Honey Roasted Pear with Sauternes Sabayon  
Antoine Bouterin's Napoleon Of Sea Scallops  
Maple Fruity Prawns  
Bruno's Short Rib Braise  
Zucchini Blossoms  
Bread Pudding  
Zucchini Cake  
Austrian Potato salad  
Boiled Veal Tongue with Semmelkren  
Vanilla Mushroom Broth  
Tenderloin of Beef with Beer and Wild Mushroom Broth  
Veal Scallopine  
Polenta Appetizer  
Frozen Beaujolais Wine Granite  
Roasted Striped Bass with Cherry Tomatoes and Ligurian Olives  
West Indies Stirrup Cup  
Stilton Stuffed Mushrooms with Herb Butter  
Stilton and Walnut Quesadillas with Apple Fig Salsa  
Berry Explosion  
Roasted Lamb with Pecorino and Herbs  
Crab Cakes  
Stuffed Baby Artichokes  
Braised Chicken in a Clay Pot  
‘Escabeche' of Sardines  
Curry-Flavor Prawns with Garlic  
Happy New Year Cubed Steak  
Spoon Lamb  
Coconut Jelly Cakes  
Clay Pot Braised Chicken with figs, apricots, pine nuts with creamy polenta